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Social Responsibility


From the internal development of sustainable fibers, to our process for avoiding wastage, we care about our impact on the environment, as well as our relationships here and abroad.

Selling faux fur product’s key mission has been to end the use of real fur in the fashion industry. We are a proud vegan fashion brand, with an intention to create beautiful, animal friendly garments that inspire others to eliminate animal products from their offerings. As one of the pioneering fashion brands of the ethical fashion movement, we encourage everyone to join us in the Faux-volution!


Since the beginning, we have used the same suppliers in our manufacturing process, as we believe in strong family and business values. Together we share a transparent supply chain with our manufacturer, and a close give-and-take relationship. Our success is theirs, and theirs is ours! We pride ourselves on our mutual support, and our-long standing relationships!


In the spirit of true transparency, we understand that our garment fabric ( as ethical as it may be ) is not entirely environmentally sustainable. We are combating this in a few ways!

Firstly, we are currently working through the development of sustainable fibers in the production of garments. This ranges from hemp to PET fibers, and although we’re not quite there with the quality yet- we’re getting closer every day!In the meantime, something that we have done from the beginning is recycling fabric into new products from scraps. There is a lot of wastage in the fashion industry from fabric scraps during the production process, but we try to save as much as possible! Most of our accessories use up fabric off-cuts, saving potential wastage by recycling scrap fabric.