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About Us

Welcome to East Osmanthus, your go-to destination for luxurious faux fur shawls! Nestled in the heart of Shenzhen, China, East Osmanthus was born from the creative minds of fashion aficionados George Lu and Ting Chan. With a passion for elegance and a keen eye for design, we specialize in crafting premium faux fur shawls that add a touch of glamour to any bridal ensemble.

Ting Chen, a fashion lover and designer, living in Shenzhen China. her husband George and Ting have established East Osmanthus since 2019. Ting used to work in a boutique for few years. She was thinking she can make use of my years of professional experience she have obtained, to make something interesting. 

East Osmanthus comes from George’s parent’s Chinese names which included Chinese “東” ( east ) and “桂” ( osmanthus ). We design, make and create high-quality faux fur products at our studio.

For so long, when selecting a bridal dress and accessory solution for the ceremony, most brides-to-be had to choose either budget over quality one or an overly overpriced one ( quality over simplicity ). This was the impetus for starting East Osmanthus: to create a solution that married quality and budget into a single experience. We didn’t want to believe you had to sacrifice one for the other. We’re very picky about the quality of items and taking great care to make sure each piece is made perfectly from start to finish. We love trying out new designs so if you have something specific that you're looking for, but can't find it in our shop, don't hesitate to send us a custom made request! 

At East Osmanthus, meticulous craftsmanship is at the core of everything we do. Each of our shawls is meticulously handmade in our own studio, where we carefully oversee every step of the production process. From selecting the finest materials to ensuring flawless finishing touches, we take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Our dedication to excellence is evident in every detail, as we strive to create shawls that exude timeless sophistication. Whether you're a blushing bride or a radiant bridesmaid, our collection is curated to complement your wedding day look with a touch of pure elegance.

Indulge in the luxury of East Osmanthus and elevate your bridal style to new heights. Experience the allure of our exquisite faux fur shawls and make a statement that will be remembered for a lifetime.


East Osmanthus