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Save $23Caucasian bride in a white wedding gown paired with a grey ombré frosted rabbit fur stole.Gray Bridesmaid Faux Fur Wrap
Gray Bridesmaid Faux Fur Wrap Sale price$50 Regular price$73
Save $40A bride in a white gown adorned with a soft grey mixed with yellowish brown tips faux fur stole.Grey Faux Fur Wrap
Grey Faux Fur Wrap Sale price$55 Regular price$95
Save $25A bride wearing a white wedding gown and draped in a thick, long-haired, faux animal fur wrap in black and white striped grey.Gray Faux Fur Cape
Gray Faux Fur Cape Sale priceFrom $70 Regular price$95
Save $40Half-length portrait of a bride in a white gown paired with a thick, light gray faux fur shawl.Faux Fur Shrug Gray
Faux Fur Shrug Gray Sale price$59 Regular price$99
Faux Fur Wrap Gray
Faux Fur Wrap Gray Sale priceFrom $86
Gray Faux Fur WrapGray Faux Fur Wrap
Gray Faux Fur Wrap Sale priceFrom $96